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Special Edition News

September 15, 2011

What a change a few days can make. The last newsletter was sent from the school with the doors closed and the air conditioners working at full speed.  Today the doors are closed to keep out the cool air. At least some of us enjoy the more temperate climate.

We thought it would be a good opportunity to update parents on a few activities that are coming up at Pleasantview. You are always welcome to contact the school directly if you have questions and we also have websites that are available for you to access via your computer. Listed below are three addresses where you can gain information. We will continue to add information to these sites so feel free to check in on a regular basis.

Michele's Cornerstone site:   

PA Virtual site:               

PA shared calendar:               

Upcoming Events 

STATE COUNTING DAY—September 20 is the day when student enrollment is counted for state funding.  It is very important that all students be in attendance on the 20th. Virtual students also have attendance requirements but they are slightly different from on-site students.  Please contact the office if you have any questions concerning either program.

Highway/PA Clean up—We will have a post state-fair highway clean-up day on September 21.  Students have permission slips that will need to be signed and returned to the school. In addition to the highway project, the Cornerstone class will pick up trash in the Pleasantview business area. Those students who do not wish to participate in the highway project will clean the area around the school.

            Following the cleaning activities, we will have a cookout for all students and staff.  We will not have the regular school lunch but will have hot dogs, chips, cookies, and juice for everyone. There is no cost for students or staff.

Parent/Teacher Conferences--We will be hosting parent/teacher conferences on September 22 from noon to 8:00.  Please call Patty to set up a time to meet with teachers.

School Pictures--Lifetouch will take school pictures on October 3.  Information and picture packets will be sent at a later date.

Cornerstone Update

We have had some fun and busy days in Cornerstone recently.  Our Grandparents Day biscuit making, lunch, and tour of Glenn’s Bulk Foods last Friday was an enjoyable morning of learning, cooking, and family. The biscuits were delicious! I have posted new pictures on our website--I’d love for you to visit and check them out at  

Thanks for the wonderful family turn out Tuesday at the state fair.  It always makes the day so much better when it’s shared with loved ones.  Wednesday, we celebrated the Chinese Moon Festival with mooncakes brought over from Shanghai last week.  It’s fascinating to try new tastes and learn interesting facts about different cultures. 

This week will go by fast due to collaboration Monday and the state fair Tuesday. Next week we have Reporting Day.  Patty will be contacting you to see what time will work for you to come in and talk about your child’s first few weeks of school. Thanks so much for all of your support!  

Michele Honeycutt


~PA Virtual Program~

Our virtual enrollment has continued to change these first few weeks of school and we are back to about the same size we were last year, which is an exciting place to be! We appreciate our families who have chosen to work with us this year and look forward to getting to know each of them better. We have had one virtual count day for the state and remind parents the final one will be this Tuesday, September 20th. All virtual students need to put in a full day of school and parents need to complete the FTE form and get it back to school in a timely manner for their child to remain enrolled in our program. :) Parents can find important dates and information concerning this and other things on our new PA VIRTUAL PROGRAM WEBSITE - Check it frequently for updates. We thank parents for all they do and appreciate their continued support.  

~Virtual K-8~

We are off to another great start! Our Kindergarten through 8th grade students have had a busy time already. Kindergarten students are learning about different places around the globe by exploring with Mr. Traveler. Older students are learning about the continents, oceans, and early exploration of the earth. In science students are studying mass and learning about the equal-armed balance and how the instrument provides a way of comparing masses of objects. Students are completing the experiment "Mass of Gas" to investigate whether gas truly does have mass by making a simple balance and comparing two different volumes, captured by means of balloons. Others in science are studying about the parts of a plant's circulation system by experimenting with food coloring and celery to "see" how the circulation system works. Students are also working diligently in their writing assignments and many interesting things are being created and shared. It looks like a wonderful year ahead!

~Mrs. Wilt :)

Please feel free to contact the school at any time if you have questions or if we can be of assistance.

Terry Fehrenbach




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