Cornerstone Field Trip to the Inman Museum

On Wednesday, October 24th, Cornerstone students will travel by bus to the Inman museum for a guided tour of their pioneer school house and artifacts.  

Children need a sack lunch and drink. If the weather is cooperative we will eat outside at the park.  If the weather is bad we have a backup plan to eat inside. Weather permitting, we will also tour the butterfly garden at the pasture park.

This is a free field trip, but we will be stopping at Polk’s Fruit Stand on the way home for a short tour.  If children would like to bring money to make a pumpkin, gourd, fruit or candy purchase they may do so.  Polk’s has pumpkins in all shapes, sizes and for a range of prices:

The mini pumpkins and gourds are  $0.75 or 3 for $2

Baby or pie pumpkins are $2.50

They also have bigger pumpkins from $4 and up.

They will each get a free apple.

We will leave PA at 10:15 after PE, and return by 3pm.  Please have your children dress for the weather. Parents are always welcome.  Just send me a note so I know we’ll have room on the bus!


Mrs. Honeycutt



Dear Cornerstone Families,

Next Friday, September 9th, we will be celebrating Grandparents Day in Cornerstone Class.  We are currently reading a book called Justin and the Best Biscuits in the World.  In the book, a boy who struggles to do anything right in his home of neat and tidy females, visits his grandpa’s ranch and learns some life skills including making fantastic biscuits.

Glenn’s Bulk Foods has agreed to give us a tour of their unique store, and I will be letting the students help find items on our shopping list.  Then we will proceed back to PA to let students and grandparents make and bake biscuits together as they make a movie of their experience. Grandparents are then invited to stay for lunch if desired.  We are having chicken fingers and the price is $3.20 for an adult lunch. 

All grandparents or “adopted” grandparents are invited to attend.  Grandparents can meet us at Glenn’s (near the school in Pleasantview) at 10 am, or can come to PA a bit earlier if they want to transport their grandkids over.

We all enjoyed our pumpkin decorating last year and are hoping for a wonderful day this year as well. Please fill out the sheet below, detach on the line, and send it back so I know how many to expect. 

Please call Patty or I with any questions.  


Mrs. Honeycutt



Name of child or children____________________________________________

(One form can be filled out per family.)

______________My child(ren) will have a guest or guests come on Grandparents Day. 

______________Number of guests expected 

______________Number of lunches needed

______________No one will be able to attend this time.