Cornerstone Science Fair Home Project
Assigned: 10/20/11
Due: 11/2/11

Students in Cornerstone Class will be participating in the Haven School District Science Fair on November 4th and 5th.  Your child or children have selected a project that we have talked about and gone over in class. There will be one project per family, so if you have more than one child in class they are project partners. 

To help facilitate the project, we have gathered ideas from a site called Easy Science Fair Projects.  The url is

It is also on our website under the “links” tab.  I have printed out the step-by-step directions to the project your child has chosen.  Please take a moment to go through the instructions with your child or children.  

I wanted to make this a fun and painless way to learn and do science at home, so if you wish, you can just follow the instructions I printed out.  If, however, you (or your child) decide to do something different....that’s great!  Please be sure to include the notebook to answer the five highlighted questions (including listing parent participation) and meet  the basic presentation guidelines in the material sent home for whatever alternate project you might choose. 

All of the projects chosen can be done in 2-4 days.  I can help as needed; just please make any requests in the next few days, so I have time to assist.  If you don’t have a printer for your pictures, a disposable camera is your best bet.  Make sure to leave time to get the pictures developed!  I may be able to print them here as a last resort, but can’t guarantee the quality or that ink will be available in all colors. 

Please remember, this is about fun and learning, not perfection!  We will be sharing our projects in class on the 2nd, they will be transported over to the Haven High gym on the 3rd, students will visit the fair on the 4th, and it is open to the public on Saturday the 5th.  Judging will be done on Saturday.

Thanks for helping your children with their project.  As a veteran parent of many science fairs, I truly appreciate your support!

Please contact me with any questions.
Mrs. H  


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