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Turkey Time News


The days are getting shorter and the nights are getting longer and when you look ourside the morning frost now covers some very sad looking pumpkins.  We continue funneling student energy into positive learning experiences as we head into the holiday season.  Please review the following dates and classroom information for Pleasantview Academy and, as always, please contact the school if you have any questions.

Dates to Remember

            November 22—Cornerstone Thanksgiving—6:30 p.m.

            November 23-27—Thanksgiving Break—No School

USD 312 survey

            We distributed information at parent-teacher conferences concerning a district-wide survey.  Below is the information for parents and students to complete this survey and we hope that everyone has an opportunity to do so.  If you would prefer a paper copy of the survey, please contact the school and it will be made available immediately with any necessary instructions and a postage-paid envelope.


Student—High School students only





On-Site High School:

Wow, only 5 weeks until Presentations of Learning! (22 school days)

Several high school students are already making plans for starting new elective courses next semester. Among the OdysseyWare options are Psychology, Media Studies, Business Computer Information Systems, Digital Arts, Essentials of Business, Art History, Personal and

Family Living, Personal Finance Literacy, Music Appreciation and Music Theory. Each of these courses is 1 semester in length and will earn 0.5 credits towards graduation. Several of the electives are project-oriented, meaning that the student will have the opportunity to research and create, instead of taking quizzes and tests. 

Some students are pursuing their own interests and creating their own elective class. Examples include Weightlifting, Music Creation, Woodworking, Music Performance, Welding, Auto Mechanics, Art, Photography, Computer Networking, and ______ [to be filled in by student]. When creating a "free-form" elective, as a former student called it, the student needs to meet with a staff member to set goals, and develop a plan for documenting their time on task and learning.

Early in December, each student will begin preparing for their Presentation of Learning (POL). The POL will be presented to high school staff, family, and anyone else the student wishes to invite. The student will present what that have learned about their learning style, how they learn best, and the most interesting content from the classes they are taking.  Creativity is highly encouraged! More information on the POL process will be given to students in December.

Virtual Program~

With just a few weeks left until Christmas break, we are very close to completing our first semester! OW students will need to have the first five units of assignments completed at that time (unit six for high school students). K-12 high school students will need to have all their assignments completed and turned in, while K-12 kindergarten through eighth grade students will need to be halfway through their courses. To be on target Diploma Plus students should have at least half of their assigned lessons completed as well. Parents are encouraged to check their child’s progress each day by logging in on the student account to see what new lessons have been completed. J


Just a few short weeks left to the semester. Here are some things to be aware of:

•                Required reading for next semester

o               9th grade: The Odyssey by Homer (unit 9)

Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea by Jules Verne (unit 11)

o               11th grade: The Old Man and the Sea by Ernest Hemingway (Unit 9)

o               12th grade: Hamlet by Shakespeare (Unit 7)     

•                In American Government, students are learning about how a bill becomes a law, voting, and the party system. Students have done research about each political party.

•                In English, students are learning about phrases and clauses. We are also learning about sentence diagramming and grammar. 

•                Parents may request a progress report at any time. My e-mail is

•                See my blog at for updates and reminders throughout the year!

Erica Ragsdale

K-8 Virtual~

In language arts students have been learning about writing sentences and paragraphs, researching a topic, filling out note cards, making outlines, and putting it all together to complete their research projects. Some middle school students are using these skills to research possible career choices. It has been fun for me to see all the different things the students are learning and writing about.

This quarter K-8 students have been doing a very nice job of completing their lessons and projects in each subject area. I have enjoyed getting to know the students a little better through their work and comments. Parents are encouraged to keep in touch and email me with any questions or concerns ( Parents may also want to visit our virtual website to find important information and updates, as well as view the virtual program calendar ( I appreciate the effort the students and parents are giving to make this school year successful!

~Mrs. Wilt J

Ms Setters News

Please remind 5th through 7th graders to complete any weekend homework  including spelling, grammar, reading strategies, vocabulary, and literature.  Their L.A. notebooks need to be up to date on or before Monday.  We will begin a short unit on understanding and celebrating self from the 15th through the 21st.  

5th/6th grade students are finishing Mesopotamia and the Epic of Gilgamesh.  7th graders are learning about the World's People which include culture, resources and trade.  8th graders are studying how the idea of Manifest Destiny in the 1800's contributed to the growth of the United States.

On Tuesday the 22nd, before Thanksgiving break, we will spend some time preparing for our Presentation of Learning and finish the day with a small celebration. I will supply snacks.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email me at

Mr. Dyke's Classroom News

Still in progress is the space shuttle orbiter even though the 7th and 8th graders haven't worked on it this week. For math they have split into their individual groups to work on different text books. The 7th and 8th graders are also starting a unit called "Energy transformed from one object to another".

Check out the middle level web page at

November Cornerstone News

Wow, November is a wonderful month for a teacher.  Our class has really come together and knows all the rules and routines.  Things just “fall” together so nicely in November!

We started the month with a little excitement.  All of our entries in the district science fair placed!  So the hard work really paid off for our students.  I’m so proud of them!  Thanks to all of you who helped your children learn and experience science.  The results are:

Most Original-Beth and William Young; Most Technical-Savannah, Ethan and Mackenzie True; Second Place-Kristen and Tori Ebersole; Fourth Place-Allison and Gabe Cheers; Fifth Place-Kai French and Jacob Towle

Congrats to all! We are also full speed ahead on planning our Cornerstone Potluck to be held on Tuesday, November 22nd at 6:30 pm.  I’ll be sending more notes home, and will also be posting them on our website.

Thanks for your continued support, and I hope to see you all on the 22nd.

Mrs. Honeycutt

Have a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving.

Patty Gier

Administrative Assistant

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