First Scholastic Book Order of the Year

The first scholastic book order is coming home.  I like Scholastic because they have the most popular and current books for kids at the best prices.  Even if you aren’t ordering, the flyers are still fun to look through, and can sometimes spark conversations about books with your kids if it is a book or series they’ve read.

If you are ordering, please send the orders back or order online by this Friday, September 30th.  You can send one check for all of your kids, even if the catalogs are different.  Cash is ok, too.  If needed, I can usually even hunt up change. I appreciate the orders because they help our class get free books, but if you are not ordering, tell your kids there will be plenty of other opportunities, so they don’t need to fret! :)

If you are ordering online, you can use a credit or debit card. You will need to register an account (an easy process) and then put in our class activation code. It is HPDYJ.  

You can also search for our class by city, state, school and then my name should show up.   After the first order, you shouldn’t need an activation code again, you will use your user name and password instead. 

Please contact me with any questions.  Thanks for reading with your kids! 

Mrs. H




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