• Write about the day. Share something about each topic.
    Today we played Four Goal Soccer in p.e. My team was Beth, Mr.Fluis, and I.
  • Today's date is:
    • weather
      It is windy and cold.
    • reading
      Dolphins at Daybreak
    • home
      Last night we got home. I got out clothes that I was wearing for school. My mom was making cookies. My step-dad was starting the grill. We were having hamburgers and fries. For dessert we had cookies and we changed in our pajamas. I played on the computer for a little bit. My mom said, "It is time for bed." So we had to turn off lights and get in our beds and go to bed.
    • school
      My teacher Mrs.Honeycutt is extremely nice. She is the best teacher ever!!
    • friends
      I love to have friends. They are really nice to me! I like my friends!

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