• Write about the day. Share something about each topic.
    Today in p.e. we played Kick Ball.
  • Today's date is:
    • weather
      sunny and windy
    • reading
      Dolphins at Daybreak
    • home
      Last night for supper we had Macaroni and cheese, chicken strips, and green beans. Our supper was really good! I took a nap before supper was done! Macaroni is the best ever!
    • school
      At school, tomorrow is Mrs. Patty's birthday. We are gonna make her pop up cards! At school my favorite lunch is pizza and salad. I love pizza so much. It is the best lunch ever!! My teacher Mrs. Honeycutt is the best teacher I ever had!! She is the best teacher! I love her so much she is the best! I love my teacher!
    • friends
      My best friend is Mackenzie! she is really, really, really,really funny and nice!

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