• I want to go to calendar.
  • Today's date is:
    • weather
      hot and sunny
    • reading
      Magic Tree Houses
    • home
      I like to play on the computer.
    • school
      I like to play at recess.
    • friends
      I like to play basketball because I like to shoot baskets. I dribble the ball and throw it to someone else. I like passing the ball to someone on my team. I really like to play basketball!
  • Today is Mrs. Pattys b-day.
  • Today's date is:
    • weather
      Sunny, cold
    • r eading
      The Lightning Thief
    • h ome
      My mom's b-day was great. We had pork ribs.They tasted good. My mom got a new tv. I t is awesome!!!!!
    • school
      Mr.H is getting surgery. I hope he gets well soon!!!!!
    • friends
      Jacob is coming over tomorrow. It will be fun