• I hope I get $40 in my class checking account by the end of the year.
  • Today's date is:
    Wednesday 10\5\11
    • weather
      Sunny, windy
    • reading
      I'm reading Ricky Ricotta's Mighty Robot the Mecha-Monkeys From Mars.
    • home
      I got to drive a four-wheeler!! It was so cool!! I got to go fast!. Lucas and Allison got to drive it too.We stayed until dark and we play basketball and then we left to go to bed.
    • school
      I'm doing a journal I LOVE RECESS AND LUNCH. Please be pizza, lol.
    • friends
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    • Today's date is: 10-5-11
      • weather It's chilly.
      • reading Pinkalicious is awesomely amazingly DUMB!! lol.
      • home I had a big battle of pirates vs clones. The pirates had monsters that could eat their enemy. The pirates captured the clones. The clones used the SUPER SONIC GUTS!! The clones guts grew and grew and then their hearts flew out of their chests then they turned into CARE BEARS AND THEY KISSED THE PIRATES!! lol. I did this with Legos. Later I had pizza and I ate it all alone downstairs while watching Star Wars The Phanton Menace. I watched about 59 min. lol
      • school I'm doing this long journal. I LOVE LUNCH!! lol.
      • friends David will come over & play darts. He is SSSSSSOOOOOO BORING!! lol.