• Today is going to be a fun day.
    This morning was cold but now it is warming up.
  • I love my bed.
    My bed is fun to jump on!
    • Today's date is:
      • weather
        cloudy and cold
      • home
        I learned to play a game called Yahtzee.
      • I love school it is fun!

        At school we are learning about other things. The things we are learning about are reptiles arachnids and insects. The things we learn about we do projects with the subjects. Arachnids have two body patrs and insects have three.Arachnids have eight legs and insects have six legs. I feel happy about learning about arachnids!
      • My friends are Mackenzie, Beth, Savannah and Allison.
        Mackenzie is my best friend.
  • I love to read. I am reading Dingoes at Dinner time.
    Reading is the best!

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