Cornerstone Christmas Party

Our Christmas celebration will be on Wednesday, December 21st.  We will be enjoying a cozy Christmas read-in, drinking hot chocolate, and having a book exchange.  Students have already picked books they are interested in from the Scholastic Book Club newsletter.  I used Scholastic because they are a very economical way to find a great selection of books by reading level.  They all picked out five books they are interested in for $5 or less.  They don’t know which of the five was ordered, so the actual book they receive will be a surprise.  We picked for names, and the classmate your child is buying for, along with one of the books they picked is enclosed.  Please send the money for the book in the enclosed bag.  You may write out a check to Scholastic Book Clubs if you prefer. I have done gift exchanges in the past with a $5 limit, and found that most children are disappointed with the gifts.  This way, each child will get a book they want for a reasonable amount and we can avoid one more trip to Wal-Mart at Christmas.  Yay!  On the day of the party, we will have a super-secret book wrapping and then have our book exchange.   

Lastly, we will be trying to eat fairly healthy at school in keeping with our new district goals.  Could you also send the following item for us to munch on as we celebrate? Crackers

Thanks so much for your support!  
Mrs. Honeycutt  259-9092


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