First Week Cornerstone Notes 8/24/12

Dear Families of Cornerstone Students, 

We have had a great first week in Cornerstone.  It is so nice to see returning students and welcome new students into our family.  We jumped right in despite our lack of internet and wrote great journals, started buddy reading groups, started place value and geometry study, and got our portfolios and agendas ready to go. In social studies we are studying rights and responsibilites, citizenship, and communities.  

Now that we all know each other (we have a terrific group of kids this year!)  we are ready to start following our agendas next week.  We’ll also start tabulating our bankbooks and look forward to our first Market Day.  Our first Art and Adventure Day with Kevin was today! It was great timing on this rainy, sleepy day. Really kept us awake and energetic! 

I’m excited that we have internet now.  We still have some problems with it, that hopefully will be figured out in the next few days.  Our district switched providers this year, and it has really been a lesson in patience; especially for our 1:1 laptop school.

Our portfolios are ready and our agendas set.  We will start learning to follow them on Monday. Our specials schedule is set.  It is:

PE- Monday-Friday at 9 am with Mr. Fluis

Music, Art, and Library with Mrs. Kay at 1:35





Friday-Library  (Send books! :)  Students have a two week check out period, so they may want to keep the book longer than one week. 

Please have students come to school in tennis shoes/sneakers. That really saves time in our busy mornings. If they want to bring flip flops or sandals to change into after PE that is perfectly ok. Socked feet are ok in our classroom as long as it is not a distraction.  I want them to be comfortable. Children may bring extra socks in backpacks for days they are wearing sandals.  Bare feet are not allowed at school per the health code. Also, hats must come off and shoes go on before we leave our classroom for lunch, specials, etc.  Toys are ok to bring for recess or free time with as long as a few rules are followed:  1. Permission from parents 2. Toys must be shared and everyone must know there is the possibility of breakage (although we try to be careful.) 3. Toys must stay in backpacks until recess.

Thanks for all your donations and all you do for your students and our school!  We currently collect box tops, Campbell's labels, and Sunny D labels. Call, email, send a note, or stop by anytime with questions or comments. 

Mrs. Honeycutt  259-9092

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